Announcing the CSLEE Website

Rob Peeler, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Rock Ethics Institute

20 October 2017

At the conclusion of the 20th Annual CSLEE Values & Leadership Conference, Paul Begley and Michael Burroughs, then executive director and associated director respectively, put together a Marketing and Communications committee charged with building an online presence and figuring out how to best communicate news to a global audience.

Èlan Paulson, Dave Nagel, and Rob Peeler all graciously agreed to be part of the first Marketing and Communications committee. Together they put forth a plan to better communicate the news & events of the CSLEE as well as an ambitious goal to create a website that will be the face of the CSLEE online.

2015 Values & Leadership Conference Keynote Presentation

Photograph by Rob Peeler

Shortly after the creation of the committee both Paul and Michael stepped down as the leadership of the CSLEE. Marla Israel was elected as the executive director of CSLEE and Èlan Paulson the associate director and organizer of this year’s Values & Leadership Conference. Marla continued to support the efforts of the committee.

“Our goal was to make this website useful for everyone who visits to help showcase the work of the CSLEE.”

Over the course of 2016 the Marketing and Communications developed a new visually pleasing monthly email (you sign up for that newsletter at the bottom of this article) as well as this website at We hope that you find the content on this website useful and the interaction intuitive. Our goal was to make this website useful for everyone who visits, so this is where we need your help.

Opening Keynote at CSLEE 2015.

Photograph by Kendra Hepler

We invite you to review the website and send us feedback regarding the organization and content. We’d also like to learn about other things that you’d like to see on this website. We can’t promise anything, but we will discuss each and every concern and suggestion.

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