CSLEE Awards

One of the ways the CSLEE carries out its mandate is by annually recognizing scholars who have demonstrated excellence in an area which we regard important.  We have three awards presented annually at the Values and Leadership Conference. These include the Willower Award for Excellence, the Paul T. Begley Award, and the CSLEE Authentic Leadership Award. More information about each of the awards is below.

Willower Award of Excellence

The first award is called the Willower Award of Excellence in honor of Don Willower from Penn State who was one of the earliest participants and sponsors of the center’s work.  This award is given for significant scholarly achievement. The list of recipients since 1996 includes many world class scholars.

Nomination Information:

Please contact Dr. Charles Buford ([email protected]) for more information.

Previous recipients:

2019 Brian Beabout, University of New Orleans

2019 Stephen Kotok, St. John’s University

2019 Julia Mahfouz, University of Idaho

2019 Joseph Levitan, McGill University

2018 Lyse Langlois, Laval University

2018 Claire Lapointe, Laval University

2017 Pam Bishop, Western University

2016 Katarina Norberg, Umea University

2015 Anthony H. Nomore, California State University Dominguez Hills

2014 Christopher Branson, Waikato University

2013 Hollie Mackey, University of Oklahoma

2012 Steven Gross, Temple

2011 Michelle Young, UCEA

2010 Olof Johansson, Umea University

2009 William L. Boyd, Penn State

2008 Charles Burford, Australian Catholic University

2007 Nancy Tuana, Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State Univ.

2006 Pauline Leonard

2005 R. Jerry Starratt

2004 William Greenfield

2003 Gail Furman

2002 William Foster

2001 Jacqueline Stefkovich

2001 Joan Poliner Shapiro, Temple

2000 Donald J. Willower, Penn State

1999 Cyril Coombs, OISE / UT

1998 Paul Begley, Penn State 1997 Margaret Grogan, Missouri

1996 Chris Hodgkinson, Victoria

Paul T. Begley Award

The Paul T. Begley Award recognizes outstanding graduate student research on the values and ethics of educational leadership. This award, established in 2012, is given annually to recently completed masters or doctoral students for contributions to the field of values, ethics, and leadership in education. Eligible theses and dissertations must be completed and formally defended between July 1 and June 30 of each year. The award recipient will receive $500(USD) and an award certificate that will be presented at the annual CSLEE Values and Leadership Conference.

Evaluation Criteria: Submissions considered for the award should:

  1. Seek to address significant research question(s) on values in education
  2. Identify the problem studied within the context of leadership, ethics, values, and student learning
  3. Contribute to the literature on school-based leadership and values
  4. Be methodologically rigorous and appropriate
  5. Reflect writing clarity and high potential for publication
  6. Relate significant findings
  7. Seek to discuss the applicability of findings to practice and theory

Submission Materials and Procedures:

  1. A complete copy of the thesis and/or dissertation
  2. A summary attachment of the completed thesis or dissertation (maximum 8 double-spaced pages, not including references) that addresses the purpose, research methods, key findings, and implications for research and practice to the Awards Committee.
  3. Award applications must be submitted via email no later than June 30.
  4. Submit materials electronically to the chair of the Paul T. Begley Award, Anthony H. Normore at: [email protected]

Selection Procedures:

The Awards Committee will select no more than two (2) of the most promising submissions for final review.  Review of the finalists’ dissertations and notification of results will be completed no later than July 31. The committee reserves the right to forego selection of a finalist if no entries are deemed appropriate for the award.

Executive Committee

Anthony H. Normore, California State University Dominguez Hills, Southern California, USA
Tiffany Roberts, Nipissing University, Ontario, Canada
Pauline Leonard, (Ret.) Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana, USA

Previous Recipients:

2019 Grase Kim, University of Western Ontario

2018 Robert Sortino, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

2017 Tiffany Roberts, Nipissing University

2016 Matthew Burns, Clemson University

2015 Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, Kathmandu University School of Education

2014 Rita Gardiner, Western University

2013 No winner awarded

2012 Richard Kennelly, Nipissing University

CSLEE Authentic Leadership Award

The third award is the CSLEE Authentic Leadership Award for service to the field. This is a new award instituted in 2014, to be presented to a member of the CSLEE community in recognition of their outstanding service to the consortium.

Nomination Information:

Please contact Dr. Charles Buford ([email protected]) for more information.

Previous Recipients:

2019 Anthony H. Normore, California State University Dominguez Hills

2018 no winner awarded

2017 Heather Rintoul, Nipissing University

2016 Michael Burroughs, Penn State

2015 Michael Bezzina, Australian Catholic University

2014 Ronald Wideman, Nipissing University

UCEA Awards

The UCEA awards program encourages and recognizes efforts and excellence within the educational leadership community. Award nominations should be submitted to UCEA Headquarters by the deadlines listed on their website.